Chapter Organization

Chapter Organization

So you’ve found a couple of like-minded people, and you’re committed to hosting (semi-)regular RustBridge events in your area? Great! You can follow this guide to set up your own chapter.

What benefits are there in a chapter?

The main thing is that being a chapter formally makes you a part of the RustBridge project. This connects you closer with the RustBridge team, but also the Rust project as a whole. You will receive support where we can give it, and at the very least your workshops will gain more exposure. You will also get a public and private discussion channel on our Discord.

Starting a chapter

Firstly, you should contact us, the RustBridge team. There’s multiple ways to go about this:

  • You can email
  • You can talk to us on the #rustbridge channel on the Rust Discord
  • You can also talk to us on the RustBridge Discord
  • You can message Marisa directly, via email, or on Discord (marisa#0229)

We’ll help you with setting up your chapter, your Discord channel and your first workshop. From here on out, what you do next can vary greatly, but there’s usually a few common points:

Get your chapter on the website

You can open your own Pull Request on the repository, but we can do it for you, too.

Get your chapter on BridgeTroll

BridgeTroll is what we usually use to plan events. You can create a new issue asking for your chapter to be added to BridgeTroll, after which you can officially organize your events under that chapter name on it.

Start planning your event if you haven’t yet!

This goes without saying, but now that you’re official, it’s time to put up an awesome event! We have other guides on how to do that, starting with things to do before the event.