Organizing a RustBridge

Organizing a RustBridge event is simpler than you might think! A RustBridge event generally follows four rules:

  • The event has to be free
  • The event has to be targeted towards underrepresented minorities in Tech
  • The event follows some kind of curriculum
  • The event has to follow the RustBridge Code of Conduct

But apart from that, you can use any venue, use any curriculum, with as many people as you want!

Our Chapter Structure

RustBridge is currently transitioning to organizing in chapters. These are groups of people based in a particular area (for example, Berlin in Germany or La Paz in Bolivia, but can also be broader, like the DFW area in the US).

A chapter should consist of at least an organizer team that manages the chapter, its events, and communication with the main RustBridge team. This organizer team doesn’t have to hit any specific size, but we recommend more than 2 people and less than 10 people.

See our documentation on organizing a chapter for more information around starting and managing your own chapter.


We provide materials specifically for people who have never organized a RustBridge event before, so maybe you’d want to check those out…