Learn with RustBridge


The goal of RustBridge is threefold:

  • get you up and running with a great Rust development environment
  • introduce you to Rust syntax and programming concepts
  • give you a small, personal, extendable, and shareable project

All RustBridges are a little different! Be sure to check the details of your local RustBridge for specific details.

RustBridge is an all day event (~6-8hours, with breaks and meals of course!).

The first portion focuses on Rust language syntax and semantics. Extra effort is made to relate Rust concepts to programming concepts in other languages, particularly popular scripting languages such as JavaScript or Ruby. This part consists of an interactive presentation followed by guided and self-directed practice using Rustlings.

The second portion leads students in a hands-on project: building a small website in Rust. Depending on your comfort and sense of adventure you can work more or less independently during this part- either heading off on your own, or pairing with a partner (or three!). The project is designed to be extendable, so no matter your pace, there’s always something more to do!