My name is [NAME], and I’m writing you on behalf of the RustBridge program. RustBridge is an inclusive and accessible event designed to teach newcomers to systems programming and programming in general about the programming language Rust. We, the [LOCAL ORGANIZING GROUP], are interested in reaching more learners, and would like to collaborate with you to host a free event for members of your institution and the general public.

RustBridge follows the BridgeFoundry format, which is used by RailsBridge and RubyBridge as well and has proven to be especially effective around learners who come from a diverse and non-traditional background. We have organized RustBridge events at universities and university-related events before, like the HackIllinois, University of Waterloo, the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference (CUSEC), and we think that it would be a great fit for [HUBNAME] as well.

We are proposing would be […] We have three goals for these kinds of events:

  1. to get learners up and running with a Rust development environment,
  2. to teach them the basics of the Rust language and ecosystem, and
  3. to provide them with their own personal and extendable project that they can work on after they finish.

We make an extra effort to relate programming concepts in Rust to similar concepts in other languages, in order to make them easier to understand.

Broadly, the event can be split into two parts: An interactive presentation about the core language concepts of Rust, using as a platform. This way, learners can learn at their own pace using a well-known curriculum. The second part leads learners to build their own small website in Rust. This way, every learner can work at their own pace if they want, but still collaborate efficiently.

What We Offer (Incomplete)

  • Mentors/teachers for the workshop
  • Workshop materials
  • Food and drinks
  • […]

What We Require (Incomplete)

  • Venue for [specify expected number of learners]
  • Main and standby power
  • Internet ([minimum speed requirement?)
  • Food and drinks, if possible
  • […]

We hope you will consider our proposal! If you need any more information, feel free to reach out to us under this email address.

Thank you so much for your time, we hope to hear from you soon.