A Very Brief Intro To Rust

  • Time: 3-3.5 hours
  • Requirements: Projector, Whiteboard, Laptops, Wifi

This workshop module is a great way to kick off a RustBridge event.


  • Introduce Rust concepts and syntax
  • Relate Rust to other programming languages
  • Get students familiar with the compiler workflow through small exercises


  • Introductions (20min)
    • Instructors
    • Students:
      • Name
      • Pronouns
      • Where are you from
      • Experience in programming
      • Preferred programming languages
  • Presentation: https://intro.rustbridge.com (2hr 40min)
    • Introduction to Rust, Cargo, and Project Setup (20min)
    • Syntax and Concepts that are similar to other languages (30min)
    • Rustlings Break! (1hr)
      • https://github.com/rust-lang/rustlings
      • Group Review (10min)
    • Syntax and Concepts that are Rust specific (40min)
    • What to learn next and how (10min)
  • Summary and Questions (10min)